• Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some frequently asked questions and responses to help you with your concerns on how to work with your school health professionals.  

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Health Needs of My Child


    1)    If my child has asthma, diabetes, seizures, ADHD or any chronic disease do I need to inform anyone?

    a.    Letting the nurse in the health office know of any health needs of your child is vital to helping the school be best prepared in the event of an emergency.  It also helps us to prepare if there is any accommodations that we can assist in helping to make the school environment a more successful experience.


    2)   What information about my child is shared with the staff?

    a.    Health information is protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).  We follow the same rules as any health entity.  We do not share health information with staff unless you give us permission to share the information.  We may report “this child does have health needs – and may need to come to the health office” but we do not disclose the information unless you have signed for permission to share.

    b.    We do like to let appropriate staff (teachers, paraprofessionals, kitchen staff, coaches, etc) know specific needs if there is high risk of a health emergency, such as a diabetic, asthma, or seizure emergency but we will work with your requests.


    3)   If my child is going to have surgery, should I let the school know?

    a.    Please let the school nurse know of any health condition, surgery, or injury that your child, family may be dealing with.  This information is kept confidential and may help in the success planning for your child’s health and educational needs.  This information also allows us to plan if any accommodations need to be made.  This information is valuable to help us serve your child in the best possible manner. 


    4)   What if my child needs to take medication during the school day?

    a.    Medication administration can be given during the school day by the school nurse or their designee, if we have a signed doctors order stating the name of the medication, why it is needed (or diagnosis) and any parameters.

    b.    We need the medication in the original labeled bottle.

    c.    Medication including over the counter medication cannot be kept in the students backpack, locker, desk or purse – it needs to be kept in the health office, in the original container. 


    5)   If my child gets ill during the school day, how does the school contact me to go home?

    a.    Any child that gets ill during the school day needs to report to the health office and the nurse will make an assessment if they can go home.

    b.    The health office will then notify the parents or contact persons listed to come and transport the child home.

    c.    Students cannot leave the buildings without checking out through the health office.  This is for the safety of the student and the family to know if they are safe and getting the proper attention that may be needed.