• Healthy Eating = School Success


    Want your child to perform well in classes and on tests?  Have them EAT BREAKFAST!


    Ø  Children not getting adequate nutrients have lower test scores; even transient hunger from missing a meal effects performance. +

    Ø  Well-nourished students who skip breakfast perform worse on tests and have poor concentration. +

    o   + Info from: Action for Healthy Kids

    Ø  Children who eat a complete breakfast, versus a partial one, make fewer mistakes and work faster in math and number checking tests *

    Ø  Children who eat breakfast show improved cognitive function, attention, and memory. *

    Ø  Children who skip breakfast are less able to distinguish among similar images, show increased errors, and have slower memory recall*

    Ø  Children perform better on tests of vocabulary and matching figures after eating breakfast.*

    Ø   Consuming breakfast improves children’s performance on demanding mental tasks and reaction to frustration.*

    *Info from: Child Nutrition Fact Sheet – Breakfast for Learning –
    Updated 12/2018