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    Hello!  My name is Sabrina Ulrich.  I am the School Social Worker at both Park Side and West Side Elementary Schools. 


    What do school social workers do?  We provide specialized mental health interventions to students in need.  We provide crisis intervention and prevention, individual student services to provide emotional and behavioral support, as well as provide referrals to, and coordination with, outside agencies. 


    School social workers are licensed by the Board of Teaching and the Board of Social Work.  We understand the needs of students who present with problems that interfere with learning. Our job is to help lessen the roadblocks that are in the way of the student’s academic success.  The role of the school social worker provides a vital link between students, family, school, and the community!


    I want to ensure that each child has a successful school experience.  Please contact me if you should have questions or concerns.  


    Sabrina Ulrich,  BSW, LSW

    School Social Worker
    Park Side: 537-6948 ext: 7006
    West Side: 537-6962 ext: 3011

Last Modified on July 7, 2010