• Cultures United Club 
    Marshall High School.
    Cultures United Club

    The Cultures United Club is a group of students from Marshall High School. They started with the idea to have a group that has a voice is represented and is involved at the school and in the community.  Students from the group have worked together with the Cultures United Club to develop the group.  They put together a Framework that they will follow during the time they work together during the school year. The Cultures United Club group has an Advisory Board that is elected from the students of the group (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer). The Culures United Club coordinates the group, working with the advisory board in putting together activities, events, and students’ participation in conference, workshops and more.

    The CUC group works during the school year, meetings are during activity period at the school and after school on Wednesdday's

    [   Activities and event that C.U.C does during the school year are:
    $   "Around the Table"

    This is a fundraiser event that presents dances and singing performances from different countries followed by a Buffet Dinner and is open to the public. 

    $   Carnival for Kids   A special event that offers games, food, snacks, dance performances and more for students of 2 to 12 years old.   It is a fun entertainment for students and parents.

    [   Parade participation The students have a time to show their participation and their pride to be in the CUC group.

    [ Fundraisers CUC group does different kind of Fundraisers getting together the group to reach their goal. The fundraisers help the students to do their events, activities, project and fieldtrips. They apply to get help from foundations or other programs if they need it for special events, activities or projects. 

    The Minority Advocate Program encourages
    Students to think for themselves and become critical thinkers as individuals.  Students represent the group as a members and make sure all participants have the opportunity to be involved.  Students to enhance their leadership skills through active involvement with the cultures in power group, to address and increase appreciation in the community, school and/or organizations and increase commitment to service. Practice their knowledge about volunteerism in the community and provide Academic Support to the students and encourage parent involvement.


    Cultures United Club   



          To Build Youth Leadership                                                                         

    • Relationship and knowledge between cultures
    • The power and importance of Youth people
    • Spend time w/each other teen
    • Teens participating in Leadership trainings, workshops and conferences 


          To Get Youth More Involved in the Marshall Community 

    • To be involved in community events
    • Participation in community youth boards or committees
    • Participation in the community in cultural events
    • Get to know and work with leaders in the community
    • To get their parents participation at school, also with them 


          Understand diversity and differences in the communities

    • Represent their own kind in activities and events
    • Meet people from other cultures and accept their differences

    To make some presentations to talk about their diversity