• ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol!


    There will be a variety of activities in class ranging from individual, partner, group, or team work.  You are expected to be an active participant, to complete all work, to pay attention at all times, and to maintain a positive attitude during class!


    100-94     A                              79-77       C+                **If you are not mastering at least   

    93-90       A-                            76-74       C                  75% of a language, you are not

    89-87       B+                            73-70       C-                mastering the language!

    86-84       B                              69-67       D+

    83-80       B-                            66-64       D

                                                    63-60       D-

    ** I do not weigh grades.  Everything is strictly point based.


    You will need to bring a three ring binder, a two pocket folder, paper, and writing utensil.  You will need to bring to class, everyday: your Spanish book, paper, a writing utensil, and your binder.  There are no excuses for forgetting these items!


    I have a right to teach and you have a right to learn.  We are here to learn and teach as much as possible.  To accomplish this, you are expected to act as a responsible, mature teenager.  That means you are also to be on task, be respectful, and do not interrupt other students learning.  I will not tolerate disrespect or poor attitudes.  If you come to class with a positive demeanor and are respectful of all people, objects, and ideas presented in this class, you will be fine!


    First Offence: Verbal Warning

    Second Offense: Stay after class and parent is contacted

    Third Offense: Conference with parents and principal

    *Consequences in this class will always fit the behavior.  For example, if you write on desks, you will clean them. 


    RESPECT!!!  You will respect everyone and everything in this class!

    You will be on time.  That means in your seat with your materials when class begins.   At the end of class, STAY IN YOUR SEAT until you are dismissed or the bell rings.  DO NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR!

    Do not gossip, insult or in any way disrespect other students.  Be positive and encouraging.

    Have assignments completed before coming to class.

    Bring supplies every day.

    Speak Spanish as much as possible.

    Actively participate.  (STAY OFF OF ELECTRONICS!!!!!)

    Have an open mind, be willing to accept other people and other cultures.

    Study and Review! Do this for fifteen minutes every day and you will not be stressed out on tests, quizzes, etc.

    Ask questions!  Before class, after class, between classes, before school, after school, at lunch, on my prep, anytime!  Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you have them!


    Homework is due at the start of class the day it is said to be due.

    If you are absent you have two days to complete any missed work.

    Copied work (or any other form of cheating) will result in zero points, an office referral, and a permanent mark on your campus portal. (As well as serious disappointment from your favorite Spanish teacher) DO NOT CHEAT! – Don’t let people copy from you, don’t copy from others!

    Late work takes an automatic 50% deduction unless previous arrangements have been made.  If you know you’re not going to get something done, talk to me ASAP!  Each subsequent day beyond the due date, late work will be reduced by 10% (after 6 days, it is work zero points).

    Make arrangements with me if you think you are going to have any issues getting things turned in on time or can see that you have some sort of conflict that will affect your Spanish grade!