• Spanish II layout and Objectives:

    Avancemos! Textbook

    **Each unit is divided into two sections (lección 1 and lección 2) Generally, we spend about 10-12 days on a section and follow it with a section quiz.  That time spent is subject to change based on student needs.  There is a vocab theme for each unit, a country that the textbook takes us to and 2-4 “big ideas” from each lesson.**


    Around Town

    • expressions with tener
    • stem-changing verbs
    • direct object pronouns
    • the verb ver
    • the expression ir + a + infinitive
    • direct object pronouns

    Around Town

    • talk about what clothes you want to buy
    • say what you wear in different seasons
    • describe places and events in town
    • talk about types of transportation
    • say what you are going to do

    • order from a menu


    At Home

    ser vs. estar
    • ordinal numbers
    • the irregular verbs: dar, decir, poner, salir, and venir
    • affirmative tú commands
    • the expression acabar de ­+ infinitive

    At Home

    • describe a house and household items
    • indicate the order of things
    • describe people and locations
    • plan a party
    • talk about chores and responsibilities

    • tell someone what to do

    • say what you just did


    Sports and Health

    • the verb jugar
    • the verbs saber and conocer
    • the personal a
    • the verb doler
    • the preterite of –ar verbs
    • the preterite of –car, -gar, -zar verbs

    Sports and Health

    • talk about sports
    • talk about whom you know
    • talk about what you know
    • talk about parts of the body
    • make excuses

    • say what you did

    • talk about staying healthy


    Cybercafé and Amusement Park

    • the preterite of regular –er and –ir verbs
    • affirmative and negative words
    • the expression ¡Qué + adjective!
    • the preterite of ir, ser, and hacer
    • prepositional pronouns

    Cybercafé and Amusement Park

    • talk about technology
    • talk about a series of events
    • say what you did
    • talk about indefinite or negative situations
    • talk on the phone

    • say where you went, how it was, and what you did

    • extend invitations



    • reflexive verbs
    • the present progressive tense
    • indirect object pronouns
    • demonstrative adjectives


    • talk about a typical day
    • talk about what you are doing
    • talk about your daily routine while on vacation
    • talk about buying souvenirs on vacation
    • talk about vacation activities