• **Each unit is divided into two sections (chapters). Generally, we spend about 10-12 days on a section and follow it with a section quiz. That time spent is subject to change based on student needs. There is a vocab theme for each unit, a country to study for each unit, and 2-4 “big ideas” from each chapter.**
    Upon your completion of each unit you will know the following information:






    • greetings
    • leave-takings
    • days of the week
    • alphabet
    • numbers
    • classroom expressions

    • expressions of courtesy
    • weather expressions
    • introductory questions


    • greet people and say goodbye
    • introduce yourself and others
    • ask and say how to spell names
    • say where you are from
    • exchange phone numbers
    • say what day of the week it is
    • describe the weather

    • respond to classroom instructions


    Pastimes and Descriptions

    • subject pronouns
    • the verb ser
    • the preposition de to say where you are from
    • the verb gustar
    • definite and indefinite articles
    • noun/adjective agreement

    Pastimes and Descriptions

    • talk about activities
    • tell where you are from
    • say what you and others like and don’t like to do
    • describe yourself and others
    • identify people and things



    • the verbs tener and tener que
    • expressions of frequency
    • the present tense of –ar verbs
    • the verb estar
    • the conjugated verb before a subject to ask a question
    • the verb ir


    • talk about daily schedules
    • ask and tell time
    • say what you have and have to do
    • say what you do and how often you do things
    • describe classes and classroom objects

    • say where things are located
    • say where you are going
    • talk about how you feel


    Food and Family

    • interrogative words
    • the verb gustar with nouns
    • the present tense of –er and –ir verbs
    • the verb hacer
    • the preposition de to show possession
    • comparatives

    • numbers 200 – 1,000,000

    Food and Family

    • talk about foods and beverages
    • ask questions
    • say which foods you like and don’t like
    • talk about family
    • ask and tell ages

    • express possession
    • give dates
    • make comparisons


    Around Town

    • expressions with tener
    • stem-changing verbs
    • direct object pronouns
    • the verb ver
    • the expression ir + a + infinitive
    • direct object pronouns

    Around Town

    • talk about what clothes you want to buy
    • say what you wear in different seasons
    • describe places and events in town
    • talk about types of transportation
    • say what you are going to do

    • order from a menu