• Making More Happen!

    Welcome to the Marshall Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    The Marshall PTA is made up of parents and teachers who are dedicated to “Making More Happen” in our Marshall public schools! With your help we are able to sponsor events and programs throughout the year that help our school community grow and flourish.


    Imagine your dream school. What would it look like? Teachers? Staff? Education?


    Please take a moment to complete our short survey about the Marshall PTA! Your answers to this survey will help us evaluate current programs, develop better partnerships between parents, teachers and our schools, and plan programs for next year to meet the needs of families in our community.


    Our Minnesota PTA partnered with Barnes and Noble at the Mall of America to hold a book-fair during the Parent Expo and we would like to share with you something very cool that happened.

    “Jack a customer at Barnes & Noble – an angel that blessed our young MNPTA volunteer Christopher Sorensen from Marshall High School with an enormous amount of books covering math, science and French to help in his educational endeavors to someday become a Marine Biologist.”