• Questions? Need Help?


    If you have questions, please don't hesitate to seek out help! Being a little confused at times and having questions is a part of learning! If you already knew everything, I'd be out of a job!

    Below are a number of sources for you to turn to as you're working your way through the learning process:

    Ask Mr. Brandl

    I am happy to help with any questions! Stop and see me during your one-hour lunch, before or after school. You can also email me anytime with questions. I have my school email on my phone and will generally respond fairly quickly.

    Textbook Website

    Login to the textbook's website. There you will find the online textbook, lesson videos, extra practice problems, and much more!

    YouTube Videos

    Click on the YouTube Videos I have created for extra help. If I don't have a video on a topic, try searching for the title of the lesson, or the type of problem you're working on, and I bet you'll find many helpful videos!

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy has videos on most every math topic you might see! Simply go to the site and use the search box to find numerous videos on the topic that's giving you trouble.

    Lesson Notes

    Check back over your notes from the lesson to refresh your memory and view examples. You did take a good set of notes, right? ;-) Also, check out the class notes in Schoology.


    I have no problem if you work with a classmate to study or complete an assignment. Just be sure that no one is "freeloading" with the other doing all the work! Working together is a great way to learn!

    I can't encourage you enough to seek out explanations and information when you have questions! A willingness to ask if you're not sure about something is a great life skill! It will help you to be successful in anything you put your mind to!

Last Modified on January 21, 2022