• Class Info/FAQs

    Below is an explanation of some of the different things that go on in my classes. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

    Grading Scale

    A 93-100%
    A- 90-92%
    B+ 87-89%
    B 83-86%
    B- 80-82%
    C+ 75-79%
    C 69-74%
    C- 65-68%
    D+ 61-64%
    D 58-60%
    D- 55-57%
    F Less than 55%

    Problems of the Day (POD)

    This is an opportunity for extra credit that everyone has a chance to work on during the "down-time" in class each day. For example, when they get into the classroom before we get started, or if they finish something we are working on. Students can use that time to work on the problem for that day. A correct answer is worth one point per day with an opportunity each day. Students are required to try at least one problem each term.

    Shot of the Day

    The Shot of the Day is a daily activity in my classroom in which students have the opportunity to take on their teacher in a little friendly competition. It is completely optional. Any student that doesn't care to participate is not required to do so.

    The student may take a shot from anywhere in the classroom. The shot must be from a fixed position (no layups, etc.) and you can only call opposite hand, not a specific hand, since I'm lefthanded and most people are not. I then take the same shot. One of the following happens:

    • Both make the shot, or both miss the shot. No winner.
    • Student makes shot, I miss the shot. I owe student a pop, juice, or sports drink of their choice.
    • Student misses shot, I make the shot. Student owes me a pop, juice, or sports drink. I like everything!


Last Modified on August 26, 2019