• Class Info/FAQs

    Below is an explanation of some of the different things that go on in my classes. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

    Grading Scale

    A 93-100%
    A- 90-92%
    B+ 87-89%
    B 83-86%
    B- 80-82%
    C+ 75-79%
    C 69-74%
    C- 65-68%
    D+ 61-64%
    D 58-60%
    D- 55-57%
    F Less than 55%

    Shot of the Day

    The Shot of the Day is a daily activity in my classroom in which students have the opportunity to take on their teacher in a little friendly competition. It is completely optional. Any student that doesn't care to participate is not required to do so.

    The student may take a shot from anywhere in the classroom. The shot must be from a fixed position (no layups, etc.) and you can only call opposite hand, not a specific hand, since I'm lefthanded and most people are not. I then take the same shot. One of the following happens:

    • Both make the shot, or both miss the shot. No winner.
    • Student makes shot, I miss the shot. I owe student a pop, juice, or sports drink of their choice.
    • Student misses shot, I make the shot. Student owes me a pop, juice, or sports drink. I like everything!


Last Modified on September 2, 2021