• Digital Learning Program FAQs 

    Does the District offer a tablet insurance program? 

    For students who are issued a mobile device by the District; Marshall Public Schools offers parents a Mobile Device Protection Plan for individual students ($25) during the 2017-18 school year.  This plan covers all accidental breaks and repairs of the device.


    May I bring my own mobile device to school? 

    No. If you are in a grade using a mobile device provided by the district, you will be asked to use a school-issued device due to instructional materials that will be loaded on the devices for classroom use.  


    May I use my mobile device in all my classes? 

    That decision will be left up to the individual classroom teachers. Please respect and follow each of your teachers’ instructions. If teachers permit use of electronic devices, users must adhere to district technology policies, be for educational purposes only, and not be a distraction or disruption to learning. 


    Will the wireless network handle all of the mobile devices? 

    The schools’ wireless networks have been updated to support the necessary capacity. All students can access the network when using computing devices. The wireless network has the same filters the student computer network has and all District Acceptable Use Policies apply when using the wireless network. 


    Will students be allowed to take their mobile devices home? 

    This will vary by grade level. Students in the primary grades will not be taking their devices home unless directed by their individual teacher. Students in grades 5-12 will be allowed to take their mobile devices home granted they have demonstrated responsible care and maintenance of the device. 


    What if a student is experiencing technical issues? 

    If technical issues arise, please bring your device to the media center. Staff there are able to troubleshoot technical issues. If the issue needs to be looked at by the district IT staff, the student may need to leave it in the Media Center until the issue is resolved. Since all work is encouraged to be saved to the cloud, there should be no disruption to accessing work. 


    Will the student be able to print from the device? 

    With the access to cloud storage, students have the ability to digital store and save their documents.  We encourage students to digitally save their documents and share them with teachers.  Therefore, the mobile devices will not be accessible to printers provided within the district.  

    Should you have additional questions, please stop and visit with the Media Center staff. 
Last Modified on December 18, 2018