• Marshall Public Schools Student Email/Office 365 Account Information

    Marshall Public School’s mission is to develop the potential of each learner for success in a changing world.  As an extension of this mission, Marshall Public Schools strives to meet the goals of the Strategic Plan which focus on creating student centered learning environments that respond to the needs of students in the district.  Part of this on-going process involves using web-based learning tools supported by technology and information literacy. Email accounts are a vital piece of a changing world.  As well as a requirement for many web-based educational tools and applications which allow seamless communication and collaboration between teachers and students. 

    Microsoft Office 365 

    For the first time at Marshall Public Schools, all students in Grades 3-12, will be issued student e-mail accounts through Microsoft Office 365. District staff has carefully considered students’ online safety in setting up procedures and rules for student e-mail accounts.  In order to ensure equal access for all students and to comply with online safety laws that protect children 13 and under, Marshall Public Schools will provide accounts to students in grades 3-8 with parental permission.

    **Office 365 accounts are used for much more than email however. Student Office 365 accounts provide for cloud storage (OneDrive) for student work as well as online versions of Microsoft's Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Students use these resources on a daily basis for completing course assignments.

    Acceptable Use 

    Before students receive accounts, they will receive instruction on how to access their account, who will see their email messages, and how accounts may be used in compliance with Marshall Public School’s Acceptable Use Policy.  Parents are encouraged to discuss with their child online manners, online etiquette, and safety.  Throughout the school year, your child may have assignments that are completed using web-based tools and will receive instruction from teachers about those tools at that time. 

    Filtering of emails 

    School email accounts must comply with the Federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Student emails will be filtered, just as Internet access at school is filtered, to ensure student safety online. Every email sent and received from a school email account (whether from any home, school or public computer or mobile device) goes through filtering software that scans for language and images. Student email addresses will have restrictions on what can be received. For additional protection, student e-mails will be archived just as staff e-mail is archived and stored for a period of time. Marshall Public School uses very powerful filtering tools and makes every effort to block inappropriate content; however, technology is everevolving. If a student receives any inappropriate emails, they should be reported to an adult and/or a school official. 


    It is important to remember that students should consider their email accounts as an extension of the classroom and as such, emails and other web-based tools are subject to the same rules of respect and courtesy that are expected at Marshall Public Schools.  Parents are encouraged to discuss the following netiquette when using any form of electronic communication. (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/tech/tec04.pdf pg 22) 


    ·                     Politeness counts. We teach our kids to be polite offline; talk to them about being courteous online as well. Texting may seem fast and impersonal, yet courtesies like “pls” and “ty” (for please and thank you) are common text terms. 


    ·                     Tone it down. Using all caps, long rows of exclamation points, or large bolded fonts is the online 

    equivalent of yelling. Most people don’t appreciate a rant. 


    ·                     Cc: and Reply all: with care. Suggest that your kids resist the temptation to send a message to everyone on their contact list. 


    ·                     Avoid chain letters. Most chain letters or emails are nuisances at best, and scams at worst. Many carry viruses or spyware. Ask your kids not to open or forward them. 


    Overall, we are very excited about this next step in ensuring our students are provided a rich digital learning environment in Marshall Public Schools. We know that providing student email addresses is an important step as Marshall Public Schools seeks to more fully embed technology in student learning experiences. Technology is and will continue to be an essential learning tool as we ensure our students are well prepared for the 21st Century college and career options they will eventually face. 


    If you have concerns about your child having a school issued Office 365 email account, please contact your child’s principal to discuss any further concerns or issues that you may have regarding student email at Marshall Public Schools. 

     Click here to access the Marshall Public School student Office 365 login page

Last Modified on December 18, 2018