• Marshall Public School students in grades 5-12 completed an annual technology/device survey.  When asked 'How has having a device made your learning experience more positive - at home or school?' here are a few of the responses:

    • I am more organized 

    • I can access my documents and school materials easier 

    • Yes, it is a lot easier to be organized and get homework done 

    • I am able to keep track of all my things on my device, and I can organize them however I want.

    • I can everything in one spot and can submit stuff to my teachers even when I'm not at school.
    • It helps us to find information we need for projects, assignments, and quizzes
    • It makes learning stuff more fun
    • I am new to country and can use Translate to communicate


    And when classroom teachers were asked, 'What has gone well with students using devices in your classroom?', here is what they have to say:
    • More individualized instruction 

    • Ability to collaborate with others 

    • Ability to give quicker feedback and monitor progress 

    • Increased productivity. 

    • The excuses are being eliminated. Things are available via Schoology and don't get lost. Nice to know that every student has a device they can use for an activity. Really like the ability to organize incoming student work in Schoology, also grading is more consistent being able to easily grade one question at a time. Easier to provide feedback there as well. Being able to digitally distribute things saves on printing. 

    • Every student has access to same technology 

    • Learning and engagement has flourished. Students have more technology skills than they have had previously. 

     Technology/Device survey completed February 2016
Last Modified on February 8, 2019