• SAE

    A Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is an individual independent learning program for students enrolled in the agricultural education. It is designed to provide learning experiences outside of the classroom. The primary benefit for using SAEs is the development of life skills to be used outside of the traditional classroom.

    Here at Marshall High School, students use the Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET) to maintain their SAE. The AET is an online tool that allows students to maintain proper records and allows for easy intragation into FFA degrees and membership.

    All students enrolled in an Agricultural Education class is expected to provide details about a SAE they are involved in and maintain their records on www.theaet.com. Their records will show a minimum of 10 hours of experience outside of the classroom and contain 3 pictures of them working in their experience.



    Every student is provided their own unique login. The standard defaults are:

    Chapter Code: MN0169

    Username: FLast (First Name, Last Name)

    Password: FLast (First Name, Last Name)