Building Bond Referendum
    The Marshall Board of Education is asking voters to consider approving a $39.415 million building bond referendum on April 18, 2017.  There will be an additional question on the ballot for $1.25 million to renovate the unused swimming pool into a multi-purpose space at the Marshall Middle School. 
    See the Minnesota Department of Education's approved Review & Comment. 
    The Proposed Plan


    Park Side Elementary
    Park Side Elementary School (current grades K-2) would be converted to PreK-1. Building renovations, an addition, and additional security features are proposed, totaling $4.466 million.
    • Convert to PreK-1
    9 kindergarten rooms
    9 first grade rooms
    7 Early Childhood rooms
    1 Early Childhood Family Education room
    1 Early Childhood Special Education room
    • Safe and secure front entrance 
    • 620 student capacity
    • Add 7,200 square feet
    • Remodel 12,300 square feet
    • Maintain the Innovative Learning Center for K-1

    Park Side Plans



    West Side Elementary/New Elementary School

    West Side Elementary School (current grades 3-4) would be sold or re-purposed. A new elementary school for grades 2-4, built on the Middle School site, is proposed, totaling $21.895 million.

    • New elementary for grades 2-4
    27 classrooms
    8 special education classrooms and support spaces
    2 multi-purpose/tech learning labs
    Media/virtual resource centers
    2 music rooms
    Café’nasium and kitchen/prep areas
              Full-size basketball gym’atorium (bleachers/seating for 700
    • Safe and secure front entrance
    • 650 student capacity 
    • Add 81,500 square feet
    New Building Drawing

    Marshall Middle School

    Marshall Middle School (current grades 5-8) would be expanded with classroom additions, the (unused) swimming pool would be renovated as a multi-purpose space, and additional security features would be added, totaling $3.199 million.

    • Maintain for grades 5-8
    Add 4 classrooms
    Add 2 science labs
    Convert early childhood to art and technology lab
    Convert pool to full-size basketball court/gym
    Orchestra room upgrades
    FACS lab upgrades
    • Safe and secure front entrance 
    • 750 student capacity
    • Add 7,200 square feet
    • Remodel 13,750 square feet
     Middle School Drawing  

    Marshall High School 
    Marshall High School (current grades 9-12) would have a single-story addition added for classroom space, the agriculture (Career and Technical Education) space would be increased, and additional safety features added, totaling $9.147 million.
    • Maintain for grades 9-12
    Add 5 classrooms
    Add 2 science labs
    Add team lockers and locker rooms
    Expand cafeteria
    Expand agriculture room/lab
    Expand woods room/area
    Expand welding room/area
    • Safe and secure front entrance
    • 1,050 student capacity
    • Add 25,250 square feet
    • Remodel 6,500 square feet
    • Marshall High School Drawing