• Jr. High Softball 2019

    Coach: Bridget Bergstrom

    Practice Time and Location:

    Depending on weather and Middle School gym space – Practice would begin the last week in March or 1st week in April. 

    4-5:30pm Field #1 Old Complex Mon - Thurs

    Game Location: New Complex

    Fundraiser: Hardee’s tickets $25 worth.  Please pay for these in advance and make checks payable to Marshall M-Club Softball Boosters

    Gear for practice and games: Long sleeve shirt, softball pants, long socks, cleats, infield masks, and gym shoes/shorts for inside days.  Check your glove and cleats for wear.

    SB Player Pack is found at https://marshallsoftballplayergear.itemorder.com/  Graphic Edge Gear: Optional Closing February 28th and delivered to the high school.

    Sign-up and Communications: Sign-up, Scheduling, and In Season Communication will be through Community Services and Cam Bailey cam.bailey@ci.marshall.mn.us

    MAFSA has contributed $1000 to pay for umping and is supplying gear. High school players will be helping during your Tournament May 11th.


    1. Be ready to play/practice – gear organized?
    2. Be coachable and ask questions when you don’t understand something.
    3. Respect umps, coaches, other team players, parents, and each other.

    Attitude of Gratitude

    1. Work hard in practice – to play hard in a game.
    2. Have fun practicing and playing the game!!

    Parent Expectations:

    1. Respectful behavior at games
    2. Stay out of the dugouts during the games
    3. Communicate with our daughter and have them talk to the coach with questions

    Travel, Transportation, and communication:  Group e-mail.  Parent representative? 

    Questions e-mail John.houseman@marshall.k12.mn.us

Last Modified on February 19, 2019