• I.S.D. #413 now has in place a program to monitor and improve indoor air quality at our school. The Marshall School District considers no objective more important than providing it’s employees, students, and visitors a healthy, safe environment. Because we believe that indoor air quality is essential to this objective we are sending this notification to inform parents, students and staff of our program to monitor and improve indoor air quality.

    As part of the program implementation, an Indoor Air Quality Coordinator has been appointed. An annual walk-through will be performed by the Coordinator to evaluate school facilities for obvious water intrusion, ventilation failures, structural problems, overall cleanliness, and the status of the O&M program.

    In that we have adopted the EPA’s Tools for Schools, the guidelines contained therein will be used to evaluate all classrooms, ventilation systems, and building maintenance issues.

    The District’s response to parental concerns will be timely and direct. Parent’s questions are always welcome. If a concern would arise we ask the parent contact Warren Buchholz, Indoor Air Quality Coordinator. The Coordinator will be able to assist in evaluating the child’s home or other out of school situation. Additional information is available to parents about school facility construction; maintenance, housekeeping practices, chemicals used, mold and HVAC related information, and other activities that may contribute to a child’s symptoms.

    ISD #413 accepts the responsibility of monitoring indoor air quality and will/has conducted a survey of the mechanical ventilation rate of each occupied space in the District.

    Marshall Public Schools are proud to be taking a leadership role in providing a safe, comfortable, and productive environment for our students and staff so that we achieve our core mission-educating students. Our school will continue to follow EPA guidance to improve our indoor air quality by preventing as many problems as possible.

    If you would have any questions or concerns about this or any other health and safety program please contact us at (507) 537-6932.


    Warren Buchholz IAQ Coordinator