• As a result of recent federal legislation (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act – AHERA), each primary and secondary school in the nation is required to complete a stringent new inspection for asbestos and to develop a plan of management for all asbestos-containing building materials. I.S.D. #413 has a goal to be in full compliance with this law and is following the spirit, as well as, the letter of the law. As a matter of policy, I.S.D. #413 shall continue to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our community’s youth and employees.

    In keeping with this legislation, all buildings (including portables and support buildings) owned or leased by the school district were inspected by EPA accredited inspectors and an independent laboratory analyzed samples. Based on the inspection, the district prepared and the state approved a comprehensive management plan for handling the asbestos located within its buildings safely and responsibly.

    Furthermore, I.S.D. #413 has completed its AHERA 3-year re-inspection requirement every three years. I.S.D. #413 buildings, where asbestos-containing materials were found, are under repair, removal and Operations and Maintenance.

    This past year, I.S.D. #413 conducted the following with respect to its asbestos containing building materials:

    Federal law requires a periodic walk-through (called “surveillance”) every six months of each area containing asbestos. Also the law requires for all buildings to be re-inspected every three years after a management plan is in effect.

    Short-term workers (outside contractors) must be provided information regarding the location of asbestos in which they may come into contact. All short-term workers shall contact the lead maintenance person before commencing work to be given this information.

    I.S.D. #413 has a list of the location(s), types(s) of asbestos-containing materials found in that school building and a description and timetable for their proper management. A copy of the Asbestos Management Plan is available for review in the school office. Copies are available at 25 cents per page. Questions related to the plan should be directed to the district office.