• Contacting Technology Support

    • For technical support please either email helpdesk@isd413.net or call 507-337-9092 on days school is in session between 7:30am-4:00pm.

    What we'll need to know:

    • Who is calling and how to contact you if follow up is needed
    • Student name and school
    • What is wrong with the device

    Remember to Take Care of your Device:

    We ask for your help in reminding your students of the importance of taking care of their student devices. 

    Please take a moment to view additional information on device use and care for your student's device.


    Internet Access
    If your family is in need of internet access, please contact the helpline to speak with the technology department about an internet hotspot.  The district has a limited amount of hotspots that may be checked out to families in need of internet service.

    Visit the Technology Department Page
    Visit the Technology Page for more information!