• District Office Staff Directory
      Name Position Phone Email
    Eileen Blomme Eileen Blomme
    Copy Center Operator
    507-929-2615 eileen.blomme@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Warren Buchholz Warren Buchholz
    Supervisor of
    Buildings & Grounds
    507-929-2613 warren.buchholz@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Jackie Budden Jackie Budden Special Education Director  507-929-2604 jaqueline.budden@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Nick Esping  Nick Esping District Computer Technician 507-929-2616 nicholas.esping@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Jeremy Williams Jeremy Williams Superintendent 507-929-2602 jeremy.williams@marshall.k12.mn.us
     Kate Nugteren  Kate Nugteren  Human Resources/Accounting Assistant  507-929-2609  kate.nugteren@marshall.k12.mn.us
     Dion Caron Dion Caron Director of Business Services 507-929-2603 dion.caron@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Lindsay Miles

    Lindsay Miles

    Payroll Technician 507-929-2608 lindsay.miles@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Karla Luther Karla Luther Accounts Payable Processor 507-929-2610 karla.luther@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Todd Pickthorn Todd Pickthorn District Technology Coordinator 507-929-2611 todd.pickthorn@marshall.k12.mn.us
     Kent Powell  Kent Powell District Computer Technician  507-929-2612  kent.powell@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Emily Ruppert Emily Ruppert
    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
    507-929-2601 emily.ruppert@marshall.k12.mn.us
     Jill Schroeder  Jill Schroeder District Office Administrative Assistant/Facilities Coordinator  507-929-2607 jill.schroeder@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Ritter Beth Ritter

    EL/Q-Comp Coordinator  and Mentor Induction Coach

    507-929-2617 beth.ritter@marshall.k12.mn.us


Last Modified on August 4, 2022