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    Early Childhood Special Education!
    The Marshall ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) program provides a wide variety of services for children and their families, based on individual strengths and needs.  Children from birth to 6 years 11 months can receive ECSE services if they meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the state of Minnesota.   

    To be eligible for ECSE services, it must be determined through the screening and assessment process, that a child has special educational needs.


    Once it has been established that a child meets program criteria and that there are special educational needs, a meeting of parents, teachers and other staff that may be involved with the child will be held.  At this meeting, parents will help the rest of the team decide on a plan for the child’s education.


    At the time the child’s plan is developed, decisions will also be made concerning what types and amounts of special services will assist the child in reaching the goals and objectives of his IEP.  No two children in the ECSE program receive the exact same service.  Your child’s program is truly unique because it is based on his or her unique strength and needs.


Last Modified on February 8, 2022