• Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science!

    Welcome to 7th grade life science!  I look forward to an exciting year learning about the living things in our community, and the world around us.  As well, we will spend some time learning the nature of science, scientific inquiry method, science tools, science processes/models, and measurement.  
    Name: Mrs. Thooft
    Email Address: nancy.thooft@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Phone number: 537-6938
    8:00-8:29      Reading
    8:33-9:36      Block 1    Science
    9:40-10:10    Block 2a  Science/Enrichment
    10:14-10:43  Block 2b  Science/Enrichment
    10:47-11:50  Block 3    Prep
    11:54-12:24  Block 4a  Lunch
    12:28-12:52  Block 4b  Advisory
    12:55-1:58    Block 5   Science
    2:02-3:05      Block 6   Science


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