Program Overview 
    Academic Support Program is here to help your middle school child, but also seeks for students to become independent learners that are willing to support the learning of their peers. The program runs in all grades, 5th through 8th. As Academic Support Staff, we are here to provide academic support and to make connections with our students in order to develop important life skills, character, and of course beneficial study habits and positive learning behaviors.


    Academic Support Staff


    5th Grade Educator:   

    Ethan Fisk 



    6th Grade Educator: 

    Beth Roelfsema



    7th Grade Educator: 

    Paula Curry



    8th Grade Educator: 

    Brian-Paco Bertrand (a.k.a. Mister B)




    Academic Support - After School 
    Academic Support Program has an after school component, where students are encouraged to participate and take advantage of staff's assistance. On most Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:05 to 5:00 during the school year, there is snack provided and busing for in-town bus riders. All Academic Supports students qualify for our after school by filling out an After School Form, which is sent home with students. 
    e are here to provide help and let students make
    connections in order to develop imp
    ortant life skills, character, and beneficial study habits. Students are provided
    with a snack and can have bus transportation if in tow

    Program Mission
    The mission of the Academic Support is to provide help, work with, and ensure academic and interpersonal success. The Academic Support staff works with varieties of parties including: students, parents, teachers, and staff of the Marshall Middle School. We are here to address specific needs of the middle school students, but also to help in the learning environment for all grade level students. As students in the program progress, their learning achievements can transfer to them being leaders in their grades offering peers support to increase overall success.       


    Focal Components of Academic Support

      Academic Achievement 

    o   Reading/Language Arts

    ·        Reading accurately/fluency and increasing grade reading levels

    ·        Comprehension, prediction and recall both for content and independent reading  

    ·        Independent book selection, goal-setting and completion

    ·        Writing and emerging writing processes

    o   Math

    ·        Proficiency in grade level math operations 

    ·        Competency to obtain mastery in concepts by demostration through completed assignments and assessments 

    ·        Development of problem solving skills and resiliency with emergent belief in self

    ·        Proficiency in middle school math fundamentals like number concepts, algebraic processes, and math properties 

    Character Development

    o   Time management and self-reflection to identify academic needs

    o   Homework, study and test-taking strategies

    o   Positive peer Interactions and generating a willingness to help others succeed

    o   Belief in self with growth mindset 

Last Modified on September 12, 2019