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    We  did it!!! We have officially read over 10,000 books!

    Congratulations to everyone at West Side! As a school, we have read over 10,000 books! We even met the goal one month earlier than we did last year! We celebrated with a Mustang Grill n Chill, complete with pie in the face for some lucky teachers, games and activities in each of the classrooms and a grilled lunch. Let's see how far we can get past the 10,000 books in the next month. Keep on reading West Side!





     Want to find a book that's 

    "just right" for your child???

    1. Find their lexile range on their NWEA Progress Report
    (it's located right above the Explanatory Notes - RIT to Reading Range)

    2. Go to www.lexile.com
    3. Click on "find a book" (left hand side of page)
    4. Click on "find a book now"
    5. You can then enter in the lexile range
    and find many books for your child!

    Name: Mrs. Ritter
    Email Address:
    Phone number: 507-537-6962


    Work on certain reading or math skills to prepare
    your child for the NWEA tests with fun games
    and activities with these websites!

    NWEA Skill Practice Websites:

    Math- http://www.sowashco.k12.mn.us/ro/Pages/studentlinks/map/

    Reading- http://www.sowashco.k12.mn.us/ro/Pages/studentlinks/map/reading.htm