Marshall Public Schools contracts with Southwest Coaches, Inc. to provide transportation for the students of Marshall Public Schools. The following information is intended to assist families using bus transportation duringSWC the school year.  If you need further assistance, please contact Southwest Coaches, Inc. at (507) 532-4043 or visit their website at  www.swcoaches.com.



    Eligible Families:  District #413 provides transportation for students whose established residence is one mile or more from a student’s school.


    Private Transportation:  A family that is not eligible for transportation may contact Southwest Coaches for special arrangements.  These arrangements are made directly with Southwest Coaches, Inc.


    Rider Authorization:  Students wishing to bring home one extra rider must have prior parent authorization from SWC’s office.  A note from the parent or school will not be accepted, nor is the extra rider.  Students are required to use their designated bus stop to and from the school unless authorized by SWC, Inc.  If your child is picked up or dropped off from a daycare location, please complete the Childcare Authorization Form and return to SWC's office as soon as possible.   


    Childcare Transportation Form


    Bus Loading Zone:  Please observe the BUS LOADING ZONES to help reduce the potential for student accidents or injury.  Bus loading and unloading zones have been established at each of the school buildings and are marked with signs and yellow striping.  Please note that it is important that your child always cross streets at the designated crosswalk or where a crossing guard is posted.
    City & Rural Routes:   For more detailed information on bus routes (including Kindergarten), please visit the Southwest Coaches Website.  This listing should provide enough information for families to estimate the arrival of their bus at their pick-up spot.
    Special Needs: For students that have special needs for busing please contact Southwest Coaches Office at (507) 532-4043 so that arrangements can be made.


    Parents of New Students or Students with changes:  If you are new to the community or have recently moved within the community or have any changes, including phone numbers, please notify the Southwest Coaches office at (507) 532-4043.  This will assist with establishing or changing your transportation needs and to insure your student is on the correct bus.


    Please take the time to read the student transportation policies as defined by the State of Minnesota and adopted by Marshall Public Schools. Riding the school bus is a privilege and not a right.