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    Marshall Public School’s Tiger Wellbeing promotes a healthy lifestyle for all school employees and students.

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    Welcome to Wellbeing 2022-2023!  Please visit the Programs & Promotions page for more information and activities to enjoy!

    MPS will no longer have the $500 wellness incentive.  This incentive was offered through SWWC when we had our health insurance with them.  On July 1, 2021, we changed to go straight to BCBS as they were offering an 8% decrease on our insurance premiums and SWWC was going to give us a 5% increase.  This 14% swing in premiums, ultimately and overall,  was a bigger savings for staff with the insurance than the incentive itself.

    We will still have a wellness committee and activities, just no end of the year incentive.


    Need new tips & ideas for your wellbeing routine?  Check out Spark People for great videos and articles on healthy living: https://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/videos_new.asp