• Volunteer Information
    Thank you for interest in volunteering at Marshall Public Schools.  We understand your time is valuable and are very thankful  for your willingness to share your time andtalents with us.

    We take student safety very seriously We
    consider your involvement very important and ask that you follow theguidelines outlined below to help us maintain a safe and respectfulenvironment for all.


    Confidentiality is very important. While volunteering,you may observe, read or hear much about individual students and their schoolor home experience. Do not discuss your observations or opinions about a student with anyone other than the student’s teacheror school principal. All information about student abilities, behavior,relationships, grades or background is confidential. We depend on ourvolunteers to maintain confidentiality of our students, staff and volunteers.


    You are required to sign-in before you begin yourvolunteer activity. Stop in the office immediately upon arrival each time youvolunteer. For the safety of everyone, we need to know who is in the buildingand where to locate you in case of an emergency. Don’t forget to sign out. If you do volunteer work at home, keeptrack of the time and be sure these hours are recorded. A record of volunteerhours enables the school to evaluate its volunteer program and recognizevolunteers for their contribution of time.

    Name Badges

    Volunteers must wear an official volunteer name badgewhile in the building. Name badges identify you to students, staff and othervolunteers as a registered volunteer.


    In the event you will be late orunable to keep your commitment, please call the school office as soon as possible. Students and staff are counting on you;therefore, dependability and promptness are important.

    Student Discipline

    Discipline is the responsibility of the classroomteacher or principal. Volunteers should maintain order in their group oractivity, but all discipline should be left tothe school employees. Please report any problems with a student’s behavior to the supervising staff person.

    Contact with Students

    For safety reasons, please observe the following whenworking with students:

    ·      Avoid being totally isolated witha child, such as a room with a closed door. Work only in areas of the school building which are in continual, directsupervision of district professional staff. • Use the staff/adult restroomfacilities rather than the student facilities.

    ·      Refrain from giving studentsgifts, rewards, or food items of any kind without the teacher’s permission.

    ·      All interactions between you and students must takeplace only at scheduled times and in the school.


    Our school community is diverse. It is important thatwe work with one another without bias and be considerate of cultural, economic,moral and value differences.

    Younger Children

    Many of the volunteer jobs require your undividedattention. If you have younger children, talk to your staff contact aboutvolunteer projects that you can do at home.

    Tobacco Free/Chemical Free

    Smoking and use of tobacco products, alcohol andchemicals are prohibited on school district property.


    Use of Cell Phones

    In order to provide an optimum environment forlearning, cell phones must be turned off while in or near the classrooms or themedia center. Please conduct cell phone conversations away from areas oflearning.

    Religious,Racial and Sexual Harassment

    Religious, racial or sexual harassment is a violationof state law and school district policy. If you believe that you have been avictim of harassment or violence or have information about the harassment orviolence of any adult or student, report it to your staff contact or schoolprincipal.

    SuspectedChild Abuse

    Asyou build trust with students, you may become aware of abuse in their lives.State law requires that education professionals and volunteers report anysuspected abuse or neglect. If a student gives you information that causesalarm, notify the child’s teacher orschool principal immediately.

    CriminalHistory Background Checks

    Recognizing our responsibility to ensure the safetyand security of our students and everyone connected with the schools,volunteers 18 years and older are subject to a criminal history backgroundcheck. School Board policy states you must complete a Background CheckAuthorization Form (The McDowell Agency) giving the district permission toconduct a criminal records search.


    As arepresentative of Marshall Public Schools, volunteers, like staff, areresponsible for presenting a good image to students and the community. We askthat your attire be neat and conservative and appropriate for the task you aredoing.

    Accidentsor Injury

    Anyaccident or injury should be immediately reported to the school office. District coverage does not extend touse of personal automobiles for volunteers traveling to and from the site orfor transporting others while serving as a volunteer.


    It is important that volunteers stay within the parametersof your assignment. If possible, meet with your staff contact before you begin.This will give you an opportunity to discuss your assignment, and learn aboutresponsibilities and procedures.

    Other Considerations


    If your assignment does not prove to be what youexpected or if you have a problem you are reluctant to discuss with the teacherplease contact the school principal or assistant principal.


    Letus know if you would like documentation of your volunteer hours for academic oremployment purposes. Many employers now recognize the marketable value ofskills learned through volunteering; and some colleges allow credit forvolunteer experiences.


    Thank You! We hope you have a wonderful and rewardingvolunteer experience. Your presence in our schools sends a strong message thatour community values education. Thanks for making a difference for the studentsand staff of the Marshall Public Schools.