• Hello! Welcome to Little Cubs Preschool!

    Name: Mindi Schnaser
    Email Address: mindi.schnaser@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Phone number: 507-929-2633

    Hello! I am so excited to be your child's teacher!
    My name is Mrs. Schnaser and I have been teaching Early Childhood and Preschool
    classes for over 15 years.  I live in Marshall with my husband Mark and our three children,
    Lexi, Ashton, and Tydeman. The early years are so very important in the development
    of all children as we prepare them to succeed in kindergarten. I promise you will love
    coming to Little Cubs Preschool! I look forward to learning and playing with
    you at Little Cubs.
    Supply list for Mrs.Schnaser's Little Cubs classroom
    -1 inch 3 ring binder with clear front pocket
    -package of clear plastic sheet protectors
    -1 sturdy folder (with 3 ring clips down the center)
    -2 containers of Clorox wipes
    -2 containers of baby wipes
    -2 boxes of tissues
    -1 family picture
    -6 glue sticks
    -1 package of ziplock baggies
    -1 box of markers 
    -1 container of hand sanitizer