• Welcome to Ramp Up to Readiness at MHS

    Name: Brenda Kellen, Coordinator
    Email Address: brenda.kellen@marshall.k12.mn.us

    What is Ramp-Up to Readiness?

    Ramp-Up to Readiness is a school-wide guidance program designed to increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and habits necessary for success in a high-quality college program. College includes any postsecondary training after high school. 

    Through participation in Ramp-Up to Readiness, students in grades 9-12 at Marshall High School progress toward readiness in five areas: Academic, Admissions, Career, Financial, and Personal and Social Readiness.

    Watch the video below from YouTube by Kevin Fleming to understand the importance of skills in todays job economy.
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