• Welcome to Ramp Up to Readiness at MHS

    Name: Brenda Kellen, Coordinator
    Email Address: brenda.kellen@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Phone number:  507-537-6920 Ext. 1036

    What is Ramp-Up to Readiness?

    Ramp-Up to Readiness is a school-wide guidance program designed to increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and habits necessary for success in a high-quality college program.

    Through participation in Ramp-Up to Readiness, students in grades 9-12 at Marshall High School progress toward readiness in five areas: Academic, Admissions, Career, Financial, and Personal and Social Readiness.

    Check this link often to keep up to date on what activities your child is doing during Ramp Up and read career and college readiness information. 
     Watch the video below from YouTube by Kevin Fleming to understand the importance of skills in todays job economy.
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