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    I really regret going for that run, said no one ever.

    Weekly info:

    Hutchinson Relays have been recheduled to Thursday! 


    Boys 4x800 congrats on the school record and setting the Trojan relays 4x800 record.



    Marshall 4/23/2019 Results

    Section True Team Results

    Big South Conference Results 

    Next Meet Info

    THURSDAY May 23th, 2019 The Hutch Relays in Hutchinson, MN. 

    THERE IS AN ADMISSION & PROGRAM FEE. This year Huthinson is fundraising for an alumni track athlete battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.   

    Entrance fee $2, Programs $1


    Hutch is a fun meet where everything is a relay.

    3:30pm  Field Events:        
          Boys and Girls Long Jump
          Boys and Girls High Jump,
          Boys and Girls Pole Vault,
          Boys Shot Put,
          Girls Discus,

          (followed by Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus
          Boys and Girls Triple Jump follows Long Jump)      
    3:45pm  Running Events:
    Track Events: rolling order of events (Girls run first followed by the boys)
                4X1600 Meter Relay (1 race with 4 times added together)               
                4X100/110 High Hurdle Shuttle Relay                                 
                4X100 Meter Relay                                                                           
                4X800 Meter Relay                                                                           
                Sprint Medley Relay (200-200-400-800)                               
                300 m Intermediate Hurdle Relay (4 Heats {fast first} with 4 times added together)         
                Short Sprint Medley Relay (100-100-200-400)                     
                Distance Medley (400-800-1200-1600)                                 
                4X200 Meter Relay                                                                           
                4X400 Meter Relay        

     Section schedule on 5/29 and 5/31

    Section 2AA Track and Field 2019    
    Wednesday May 29, 2019    
     2:00 p.m.  Coaches Meeting  
     3:00 p.m. Girls High Jump  
       Boys Pole Vault  
       Girls Long Jump  
       Boys Triple Jump  
       Girls Discus  
       Boys Shot  
     3:00 p.m. Girls 3200 M Run section one final  
     3:20 p.m. Boys 3200 M Run section one final  
     3:35 p.m. Girls 100 M HH prelim  
     3:50 p.m. Boys 110 M HH prelim  
     4:05 p.m. Girls 100 M Dash prelim  
     4:20 p.m. Boys 100 M Dash prelim  
     4:35 p.m. Girls 400 M Dash prelim  
     4:55 p.m. Boys 400 M Dash prelim  
     5:15 p.m. Girls 300 M Hurdles prelim  
     5:35 p.m. Boys 300 M Hurdles prelim  
     5:55 p.m. Girls 800 M Run prelim  
     6:15 p.m.  Boys 800 M Run prelim  
     6:30 p.m. Girls 200 M Dash prelim  
     6:42 p.m. Boys 200 M Dash prelim  
     6:54 p.m. Girls 3200 M Run section two final 
     7:10 p.m. Boys 3200 M Run section two final
    Friday May 31 2016    
     9:00 a.m. Coaches Meeting  
     10:00 a.m. Boys High Jump  
       Girls Pole Vault  
       Boys Long Jump  
       Girls Triple Jump  
       Boys Discus  
       Girls Shot  
     10:00 a.m. Girls 4 x 800 M Relay final  
     10:16 a.m. Boys 4 x 800 M Relay final  
     10:35 a.m. Girls 100 M HH final  
     10:40 a.m. Boys 110 M HH final  
     10:45 a.m. Girls 100 M Dash final  
     10:50 a.m. Boys 100 M Dash final  
     10:58 a.m. Girls 4 x 200 M Relay final two sections  
     11:08 a.m. Boys 4 x 200 M Relay final two sections  
     11:18 a.m. Girls 1600 M Run Final two sections  
     11:30 a.m. Boys 1600 M Run Final two sections  
     11:42 a.m. Girls 4 x 100 M Relay Final two sections  
     11:50 a.m.  Boys 4 x 100 M Relay Final two sections  
     12:00 p.m. Girls 400 M Dash Final  
     12:05 p.m. Boys 400 M Dash Final 
     12:15 p.m. Girls 300 M Hurdles Final  
     12:20 p.m. Boys 300 M Hurdles Final  
     12:28 p.m. Girls 800 M Run Final  
     12:33 p.m. Boys 800 M Run Final  
     12:45 p.m. Girls 200 M Dash Final  
     12:50 p.m. Boys 200 M Dash Final  
     1:10 p.m. Girls 4 x 400 M Relay Final two sections  
     1:25 p.m. Boys 4 x 400 M Relay Final two sections  

    On meet days: 
    Parents (legal guardians) are able to sign out your students the day of the meet if you wish to take them.  Sign out with a coach.  You are not able to take additional students unless pre approved through the activities office at the High School 1 day prior to the meet.

    It’s fine to visit with your child at meets, but they also need time to warm-up, cool-down, and cheer on their teammates. Be careful about sharing video at track meets: If your son or daughter watches replays of themselves in the event area, they may be disqualified! So check with the coaches or officials to make sure you know what is permitted for the meet!  

    Thank you for all that you do!  You help us run a successful program.
    Chamber of conference coupon books.  Please purchase one from the Marshall Track and Field team.  Coupon book information link: http://marshall-mn.org/main/index.php/news/55-chamber-coupon-book.html
    We do run some fundraising throughout the season.  In the past these have included:  Asking the athletes to sell coupon books for the Marshall chamber of conference, selling tickets to Marshall businesses, working conssessions for other Marshall athletic events, and hosting athletic programs and events for our younger grade school and middle school athletes.  We volunteer to help the college run a meet they host. 
    At the end of the year we will have an informal gathering, usually at a picnic shelter or park, to celebrate the successes of the season.  We are currently working on a date and time.  Stay tuned for more information...