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    Marshall Middle School has implemented Standards-Based Teaching and Learning over the last several years. In the 2017-2018 School Year, you will see reports that indicate we teach and grade against the required standards put forth by the Minnesota Department of Education. Staff recognizes the importance of meeting the State Learning Standards, and have in place their content guides to ensure each child has the opportunity to meet those standards. Our primary goal is to ensure every child learns those standards while we teach to support students in that process.

    Effort, attitude, and behavior will continue to be communicated within the Tigert Traits - Pride, Respect, and Responsibility. These characteristics will not affect content grades; however, we recognize these areas are essential for success. Academics will be pure and address essential standards in each content area. Practice on these standards will serve as only that purpose to practice necessary skills prior to an assessment on that skill. You may see tracking for homework completion on your child's report. Even though practice activities will not be a part of your child's grade, practice will likely impact your child's ability to demonstrate knowledge.

    Reports on Parent Portal and your child's report card will reflect the level of mastery in which your child has demonstrated a particular and required - standard.
    You will see the following rubric-based system:
    3 = meets standard
    2 = partially meets the standard
    1 = does not meet the standard

    This change to standards-based teaching, learning, and grading is a shift in education as we've known it. We know and understand that change is difficult. We appreciate student, staff, and parent support as we continue to work through this system.

    Please contact classroom teachers or call 507-537-6938 for more information.

Last Modified on August 1, 2022