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    Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  The turn out was wonderful and the decisions were difficult, but I think that we're poised to stage an excellent production of this great show; and, I believe that all of you are in positions where you can succeed and give your very best to our production.  I hope/trust that it will be a fun and memorable experience for all of us.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  If you're interested in doing production work on the show as well, again, please feel free to ask! 

    We get started right away next week with a FULL CAST read through at 6:30 in the theatre on Tuesday night.  We have a FULL CAST music & choreography rehearal on Thursday night at 6:30.  Expect to see calls for the Wednesday staging rehearsal early next week.  (that will only be 4-5 people)







Last Modified on September 14, 2018