• Welcome to 7th Grade!

    Dear 7th grade students,

           I am so excited to meet all of you and begin what is about to be a great 2019-2020 school year! I have many fun and exciting things planned for us this year - including some important new math concepts! Just remember, these concepts may get difficult and confusing at times; however, together we will conquer them. There are some important things I want you to always remember this school year and they are as follows:

    • I believe in YOU!
    • I trust in YOU!
    • YOU are important!
    • I'm here to help YOU grow!
    • YOU are listened to!
    • I will hold YOU to high expectations!
    • YOU are capable!
    • YOU will succeed!
    • WE will have fun!

    Let's have a fantastic year! 


           Ms. Paradis


    Ms. Lexie Paradis - 7th grade Math
    507-537-6924 Ext. 4053

    Shooting Star  

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