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    Marshall high school has a long standing tradition of excellence in academic competition achievement. Each year the majority of our membership place at regional competition to advance to state competition. Please take the time to check out pictures, video, and more information on the opportunities for students in BPA. Contact Brenda Kellen, Marcia Ivers, Jan Timmerman or any local member for further information. BPA is flexible and works around your schedule to prepare for your competitions.
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    I got a  part time job as a Systems Administrator. I think I owe that to my success in BPA. I don't think I would have been able to get that job if I hadn't been in BPA in high school. I just wanted to say thanks for running such a great organization, as I have really benefited from it out of school. 

                                                  ---Riley VanOverbeke, 2015 MHS  Grad
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