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    The Marshall Public School’s Board of Education has responsibility to plan for school facilities that address changing enrollment patterns and support high quality education programs. An effective school system provides safe, healthy and effective educational environments and facilities in support of teaching and learning. Changes in student enrollment and demographics necessitate the need to update district facilities to ensure the most efficient and effective use of district educational facilities and resources. On December 19, 2016, the Board of Education unanimously supported asking voters to consider two facility questions in an April 18, 2017 Special Election. 

    Current Building Structure 

    Park Side

    West Side

    Middle School                                    

     Park Side Elementary

    Grades PreK-2

     West Side Elementary 

    Grades 3-4

            Middle School         

    Grades 5-8

     High School  

                Marshall High School          
    Grades 9-12


    Marshall Area Technical
    Educational Center
    Grades 9-12 
    Who developed the proposed plan?

    Charge:  Marshall Public Schools Board of Education established a Comprehensive Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee that met regularly to complete the work necessary to provide long-term planning direction and input for the administration’s and the Board of Education’s consideration.  The committee reviewed the district’s educational facilities, their utilization, and student enrollment trends and brought forth a recommendation to the board for consideration.

    Composition:  The committee was comprised of representation from Marshall Public Schools, including staff members, parents, students, community members, School Board members, and representatives of ATS&R.  Membership on the committee was approximately 40 individuals comprised of the following:

    • members from “Business/Ag/Community”

    • members who are students

    • members who are licensed staff (1 from EC, 2 from Park Side, 1 from West Side, 2 from the Middle School, 2 from the High School, and 1 from MATEC; [at least] 2 of the members should be from the Systems for School Improvement Team)

    • members who are administrators

    • members who are parents (we would like these to be representative of each of the sites)

    • members who work for ATS&R, which is our facility planning firm

    • members who are non-licensed staff

    • members who are on the School Board Facilities Committee


    Facilities Study Action Model