• Strategic Plan 2022

    On July 17, 2017 the Marshall Public Schools Board of Education adopted a strategic plan for the school district.  This strategic plan included a fresh mission and vision statement and big goals and opportunties for our students, staff and community. 

    Our Mission:  To educate, support and prepare all learners for success.

    Our Vision:  To be the premier school district where every student is inspired every day!

     We Believe ...

    • A diverse and inclusive environment enriches the individual, school and community.
    • All students can learn at high levels.
    • All students should be offered an education developed to meet their individual needs.
    • Data-driven processes produce decisions focused on results.
    • Education must address the cognitive, physical, emotional and social needs of students.
    • In a safe, respectful and trusting learning environment.
    • In embracing a collaborative approach to lifelong learning for students, teachers, parents and the community.
    • In the Marshall community to support and embrace our educational mission.
    • In the value of building and maintaining strong community partnerships.
    • In the value of every student and that relationships are the foundations of successful schools.

    Our Goals Are To ...

    • Have a multifaceted communication plan that effectively engages parents and community stakeholders to promote the quality education programs provided by the district.
    • Develop and implement a multiyear facilities and financial plan that supports the district’s strategic plan.
    • Achieve the goals of the World’s Best Workforce for all students.
    • Increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a challenging and engaging curriculum and aligned assessments.
    • Identify barriers to learning and provide intervention and support.
    • Maximize the use of technology to enhance the work of staff and increase the academic achievement of students.
    • Marshall Public Schools will provide a plan to increase opportunities for all learners that will enable them to explore a variety of postsecondary education and career options.
    • Students will develop the 21st century skills needed for success.
    • Develop and implement practices to attract and retain a diverse and qualified teaching staff.
    • Identify, recruit, develop, and retain excellent staff.