• A.L.I.C.E 

    Marshall Public Schools, along with districts across our area, state and nation, have adopted the ALICE model.   ALICE is an acronym that stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.  This model is a proactive approach which empowers individuals to respond based on information that is available to them – it includes the ability to evacuate if the option is available.

    ALERT – Get the word out! Use clear, concise language to convent the type and location of the event.

    LOCKDOWN – We will continue to lockdown students and staff in a secure area; however, we will include barricading the area for additional security, buying time to determine plan of action.

    INFORM -  Communication keeps our staff and administration informed about what’s happening and allows for better decision making.  It can also keep the intruder off balance.

    COUNTER – Apply skills to distract, confuse and possibly gain control over the intruder.

    EVACUATE – As soon as it is safe to do, evacuate.

    All Marshall Public Schools staff members have been trained on the ALICE model and will begin taking steps to implement ALICE protocols within their classrooms/buildings.  These conversations will take into account the age groups within each building, and content will be delivered in an age-appropriate way.

    The topic of a possible violent intruder in our schools is a scary one for all of us, especially for the students and staff in our care.  While we hope we never have a situation such as this, our goal is to ensure our students and staff have the knowledge, training, and tools they need to react and keep themselves safe in any violent intruder situation.