• Brand Guide

    On this page you will find information about the Marshall Public Schools brand strategy.   

    The purpose of this guide and our branding process is to establish and maintain consistent use of Marshall Public Schools logos, fonts and color palettes.   The identity of Marshall Public Schools is important in the branding and marketing of our school district.  It is critical that all parties utilizing the brand elements follow the manual with attention to detail. 

    The Marshall Public Schools logo and supporting marks are trademarks of the school district.  Permission must be requested for outside use of the logo. 

    Please contact the District Office at (507) 537-6924 or contact@marshall.k12.mn.us if you have questions regarding the use of Marshall Public Schools logo or branding strategy.

    To familiarize yourself with the branding and logo use guidelines, refer to the Brand Guide.

  • Which One Should I Download? 

    For almost all typical daily uses, such as PowerPoint presentations, word documents, & other digital designs, the Medium JPG version should work just fine.  If you need a version with a transparent background, choose a .PNG file instead. 

    The large formats are typically used only for printing very high resolution documents, and the smaller versions are great for email signatures, document headers, address labels, etc. 

    .AI and .EPS files are typically used for sending to 3rd Party Print services.  For example, if you’re having T-Shirts, or other apparel made, they might require one of these files. The text in these files can be edited, but only with the appropriate software.

.jpg Logos

.png Logos

.ai (Adobe Illustrator) Logos

.eps Logos