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    Welcome to English with Dr. B!

    Name: Dr. Toni Beebout-Bladholm
    Email Address: toni.bladholm@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Phone number: 507-537-6920

    Welcome to English!  I am excited to work with you!
    My Best,
    Toni B.




    If your teenager is in one of my classes, this is the information that I have shared with them:

    There are many ways to reach out for help!

    Important Information:

    Email – You will need to check your email regularly.

    My email is toni.bladholm@marshall.k12.mn.us

    Home Phone – My home phone number is 507-537-0053

    My Cell Phone Number (via Google Voice) is 320-433-3744 (If you text, include your name, so I know who I am responding to).

    Tech Support Questions: helpdesk@isd413.net



    Please sign your students grade report and have them return it on Monday for credit.  Thanks.

    Dr. B.'s Classes

    Media Cup Champs!English

    Thanks!  Dr. B.
    Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks teenagers for another wonderful week!  Your work ethic and beautiful spirts are greatly appreciated!  Take care of yourself this weekend!  Remember to spend time with your family!  You are never too old for hugs and love!
    Peace, Dr. B.