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    Welcome to English with Dr. B!

    Name: Dr. Toni Beebout-Bladholm
    Email Address: toni.bladholm@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Phone number: 507-537-6920

    Welcome to English!  I am excited to work with you!
    My Best,
    Toni B.


    Accessing the Online Textbook

    1. Go to www.classzone.com
    2. Follow the steps for selecting your textbook
      1. Language Arts
      2. Minnesota
      3. Go – McDougal Littell Literature Grade 9 (orange) In the lower left-hand side of the screen, select “Online Book”
      4. Select “Continue” when prompted with the Online Copyright Policy Select “Create a Student Account” (see the right box) Use the following ACTIVATION CODE: 2433441-240
      5. Select “Continue”
      6. Again, select “Create a Student Account” (see the right box)
      7. Now you will create your own login and password to be able to access the online textbook at any time.





    Please sign your students grade report and have them return it on Monday for credit.  Thanks.

    Dr. B.'s Classes

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    Don't forget to get grade reports signed every weekend.
    Thanks!  Dr. B.
    Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks teenagers for another wonderful week!  Your work ethic and beautiful spirts are greatly appreciated!  Take care of yourself this weekend!  Remember to spend time with your family!  You are never too old for hugs and love!
    Peace, Dr. B.