• Athena

    Eben's Literature Courses

    Friday, February 3, 2023

    Name: Neenah Eben
    Email Address: Neenah.Eben@marshall.k12.mn.us
    Phone number: 507-537-6920

    McDougal Littell Textbook:
    You can access our textbook online by following the directions below.

    1. Go to activate.classzone.com

    2. Follow the steps for selecting your textbook


                A. Language Arts

                B. Minnesota

                C. go-McDougal Littell Literature Grade 10 (blue) or McDougal Littell Literature Grade 9 (orange)

    3. In the lower left-hand side of the screen, select “Online Book”

    4. Select “Continue” when prompted with the Online Copyright Policy

    5. Select create a Student Account (see the right box)

    6. Activation code: Code will be given to students in class.

    7. Select “Continue”

    8. Again, select create a Student Account (see the right box)

    9. Now you will create your own login and password to be able to access the online textbook at any time.