• Post Secondary Planning

    STEP 1: Values, Interests, and Abilities
    The first part of any post secondary planning process should involve assessing your values, interests, and abilities. There are several websites that offer free assessments and interest inventories.
    STEP 2:  Research Careers
    Step 2 involves matching your values, interests, and abilities with possible careers. After brainstorming your possible careers of interest, check out some of the online research tools below. Information such as a description of the job, education needed, salary, job demand, helpful high school courses, in addition to which colleges have those programs can be found on the following websites:
    user name:   marshallhigh
    password:     tigers
    STEP 3:    Research Colleges
    The following websites can be helpful to learn more about colleges:
    STEP 4: Scholarship Assistance
    Always be aware of scholarship scams. Companies promising to find a scholarship for you with a fee are not recommended. Always ask your counselor if you are questioning the validity of a scholarship opportunity. The following websites should be utilized as a part of your scholarship search process: