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Questions About the Coronavirus in Schools

Guidance from the Health Office

We're in the middle of flu season, and we're also tracking available information about the emerging and quickly spreading coronavirus.

At Marshall Public Schools we follow guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health. The available information about the coronavirus suggests a low immediate health risk for the general public, and the guidance at this point is to take the same precautions recommended for avoiding colds and flu.

Minnesota Department of Health advises people to:

  1.      stay home when they are sick
  2.      cover their cough
  3.      practice good hand washing

We reinforce these practices at school - for our students and staff - and invite you to do the same with students at home. If you have questions, feel free to contact your school health office.

More information about coronavirus is available on the Minnesota Department of Health’s  website, 2019 Novel Coronavirus ( Check this website periodically for updates. 


Licensed School nurses at Marshall Public Schools:

Park Side School – Cindy & Gina – 507-537-6940 Ext. 7008

West Side School – Bonnie- 507-537-6962 Ext. 3003

Middle School – Leah – 507-537-6938 Ext. 4073

High School & MATEC – Gina & Deb – 507-537-6920 Ext. 1010