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Welcome To Park Side!

Welcome to Park Side Elementary! We are honored you have chosen Marshall Public Schools for your child’s primary education.  These years are the foundation for all future endeavors. We, at Park Side Elementary, work hard to focus on delivering a quality education for your student in a safe and caring enviornment!

We offer a variety of instructional programs to assist each child in his or her learning needs.  Some of the highlights include:

  • All students receive Physical Education and Music instruction each day.
  • Each student has a WIN (What I Need) period each day for Reading.  For some students, this will mean additional interventions for success and for other students this will mean added enrichment activities related to the learning targets they are working on.
  • A variety of student support services including a full time nurse, school counselor and a social emotional learning teacher who visits each classroom twice a month to provide a social skills lesson that is reinforced by the classroom teacher.
  • Park Side has been using Standards Based Learning for two full years.  Standards Based Learning is focused on assuring a solid foundation of essential skills and key learning targets.  Students recieve additional instruction and intervention when they are not able to demonstrate understanding of those essential skills.  This is reflected in the report card your child will receive.  The report cards lists the essential skills and communicates a level of mastery: meets, partially meets, or does not meet standards.
  • All students have access to a learning device (iPad) and teachers design lessons and activities using these learning devices to enhance their learning.  
  • Tiger Pride is our character education program that focuses on BE RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE AND SAFE.  To teach and reinforce these key areas, we have a variety of activites that are fun but meant to develop critical social and emotional learning. 

Remember, this is YOUR school too! You are welcome to visit school at any time. Children love it when their parents are able to visit or join them for lunch!  Remember, this is your school too! We are here to serve your child’s needs to the best of our abilities. For the safety of our children, we require all visitors to sign in at the main office at each building. Thank you for your cooperation with this as we work to create a safe and secure school for your child(ren).

If you have questions, concerns, or needs, please feel free to call, stop by the school, or e-mail me at



Darci Love
Park Side Elementary Principal