Volunteering at Marshall Public Schools

Thank you for your willingness to share your time and talents to benefit Marshall Public Schools. We consider your involvement very important and ask that you follow the guidelines outlined below to help us maintain a safe and respectful environment for all.

Please review the guidelines below, and then fill in the form to submit your volunteer application.
NOTE: This form needs to be completed annually. Marshall Public Schools reserves the right to remove anyone from the approved listing.

Background Checks:

Background checks are not needed when the volunteer is not alone with students and the volunteer event is staff supervised. Examples of events that are not needing a background check include Classroom Helper/Volunteer, Classroom Party/Event, Classroom Reader, Junior Achievement, and Guest Speaker.

Background checks are needed when there is a potential for the volunteer to be alone with students. Examples of events that are needing a background check include Field Trip/Chaperone, Student Teacher/Placement, Volunteer Coaching, and Vision/Hearing Screening.

Next Steps:

  1. Review the Volunteer Guidelines below and submit the Volunteer Form.

  2. Once application is received, Human Resources will reach out to the volunteer - either approving the volunteer for the event or letting the volunteer know that a background check will be needed.

  3. If a background check is needed, the volunteer will receive an email from support@mcdowellagency.com with a link to complete the background check online.

  4. The volunteer will receive another email from support@mcdowellagency.com upon submission of the background check.

  5. It will take MPS approximately 24-72 hours to receive the background check results. Human Resources will follow up with the volunteer once they receive the background check results.

General Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer Form

13 Questions

Thank you for your Interest in volunteering for Marshall Public Schools!

What type of Volunteer are you?

Community Member

Background Check Not Needed (Not Alone with Students - Staff Supervised)

Background Check Needed (Could Be Alone with Students)

Field Trip/Chaperone
Student Teacher/Placement
Vision/Hearing Screening
Coaching (Examples: Football, Trap League, Robotics, etc.)

MPS will provide reasonable accommodations with advance notice to persons with disabilities upon request.

In Case of a Medical Emergency, please tell us who to contact.

How is your Emergency Contact Related to you?

Please Type your Full Name. This constitutes your signature and confirms that you have read and agree to the volunteer guidelines above.